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Have you ever felt that you have far more potential than your life has demonstrated?

Would you like to understand what causes the disempowering habits and patterns that lead to addiction?

Would you like to have the tools to empower you and your family to live a life on purpose and achieve definite goals and dreams? 


Would you like to create Mastery in the areas of Confidence, Moods and Emotional Control, and Attitude?



Our three-day Warrior Weekend seminars are designed to impact at least 300 to 500 people and provide them with a clear understanding of how the adversary works to keep individuals and families struggling with disempowering habits and patterns that can lead to addiction.  


Individuals and families are equipped with tools to develop a definite purpose and learn how to fight by activating Warrior Chemistry.  


We teach how to implement these principles for people of all ages.   This is a powerful seminar for those who are seeking prevention but can be used in conjunction with a recovery program to enhance the success rate for those suffering from addiction.


Specific Seminar Objectives

Friday Evening Fireside (For Youth and Adults 12 and Older)  "How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Chains of Addiction"  - Attendees are introduced to the power of addiction prevention  in understanding the enemy and activating Warrior Chemistry. 

Saturday Training Seminar (For Youth and Adults 12 and Older)  "How to Awaken the Warrior Within" - Attendees are taught how to create a definite purpose for which to fight.  They learn the tactics that the Enemy uses to keep them trapped in disempowering patterns and learn detailed tactics for activating Warrior Chemistry to shift those patterns.  They are taught tools to put on the Armor of God and develop the persistence and consistency necessary to create long term habits and ultimately achieve their definite purpose.  They better understand the power of a team and  of a mentor/support system to achieve success and prevent addiction.  They will learn about resources to further support them and their family.  


Saturday Leadership Training (For Local and Regional Leadership): Provide Leaders with key tools for addiction prevention and Life Changing Services resources available for helping individuals who are trapped in deeper clinical addiction.


Sunday Afternoon Mentoring Sessions (for individuals and families):  10 to 12 one-on-one appointments will be available for mentoring individuals and families in how to apply the principles taught and how to get further help and support.


Sunday Evening Fireside (for families of all ages) "Teaching Your Family How to Awaken the Warrior Within":  Attendees learn how to teach children of all ages in their family how to understand key tactics of the enemy and how they can activate Warrior Chemistry to defeat him and prevent addiction as a result.



Listen to what Others have to say:

"This is an amazing opportunity to equip our youth and adults with principles to empower their lives and achieve real happiness."

~Reuben Aiton


"I see the enemy coming before he defeats me and can get back into clear thinking quickly and self-control much more quickly than before I understood these tools." 



"This has helped my testimony, and I now know how to recognize the enemy and how to defeat him and help others as well."


Planning for this Event:


This event is appropriate for anyone twelve and older.  The Sunday evening fireside is appropriate for all ages.  


Tina and Reuben conduct these seminars at no expense for their time.  The only cost that the hosting organization will need to cover is travel expenses, handout materials and Saturday lunch for attendees.


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